A Tribute to the Last of the Tibetan Nomads

Drokpa For Home Use

DROKPA for University and Community Screening


DROKPA for University and Public Screening

The screening Kit Includes:

* Feature Film DVD (79 minutes)
* 5 Post Cards
* Poster upon request
* Supplemental Images, Press Kit
* Academic and public performance rights for a single location

This screen kit is for universities, community groups and organizations planning to show the film to any kind of public gathering.

If you are showing the film anywhere outside your home, you are legally obligated to purchase and own public performance rights which is included in this screening kit. It gives you the rights to show the film at one location, for unlimited times. If you are planning on showing the film at more than one location, please contact us: info@drokpafilm.com for more information.

The licensing associated with this screening kit allows you to charge a nominal ticket price (under $20/ticket) as a way to recoup the cost of hosting the event.

All sales are final. We are unable to offer a refund.

It is highly recommended that you preview the movie in its entirety with the actual equipment that will be used for your screening prior to your event. Please contact us right away for a replacement DVD if the movie is damaged or if you experience any issues during playback.

We encourage you to inform your organization’s members and patrons via on-premise posters, emails and private mailings. Advertising through media such as radio, television or newspaper is discouraged.